A step-by-step systematic synthetic phonics and multi-sensory language programme. For students with dyslexia or those looking to boost reading & spelling.
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CodeBreakers® is more than simply phonics. It is a systematic synthetic phonics programme (SSP).  In July 2021, the UK government announced the Early Reading Framework, advocating the use of SSP programmes in schools. 

CodeBreakers® focuses on multi-sensory learning opportunities and over learning, to ensure learning ‘sticks’. CodeBreakers® works on learning patterns through logic, word morphology, language, vocabulary and analytical skills. It develops transferable skills and creates learners who are independent and confident readers and spellers.

CodeBreakers® can be used with students of all ages; primary, secondary and post-16.

CodeBreakers has been found to be successful and engaging for all ages.

We consider it’s one of the best dyslexia programmes, as it is based on over 15 years experience as a dyslexia specialist. It brings together best practice in one resource, simultaneously targeting reading and spelling skills in one dyslexia activity workbook.

Don’t just take our word for it. This video, by a teacher and parent,  explains the benefits of CodeBreakers and the impact on her child. 

The CodeBreakers® Pilot Study of the Effectiveness of a Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme in Schools


September 2018 – June 2019 

The evidence


Following  just 16-20 weeks (1 hour per week) intervention




Students who increased their single word reading accuracy


Students who increased their ability to decode non-words


Students who increased their spelling accuracy

I just wanted to say a great big thank you on behalf of all the children that you have helped support at our school!

These results are fantastic and I know that CodeBreakers® has made a very real difference for our children and for our staff!

Thanks so much for all you have done to support us so far!

March 2019 – Headteacher

How do I get CodeBreakers® Dyslexia programme?

Choose from 3 options

1:1 Individual Tuition

for Children & adults

Private, school & workplace referrals

Online tuition anywhere in the world from the author of CodeBreakers®

*Other CodeBreakers® trained tutors are available, please ask for details.

* subject to availability.

CodeBreakers® Workbooks

School or Home Edition

Suitable for children and adults

Choose the workbooks and optional manual to help you deliver CodeBreakers® at home or school.

Choose the added option of the CodeBreakers® Delivery training course.  Train staff online to deliver a Dyslexia specific intervention programme efficiently in school.

*Individualised training is available on request.

Works also available at Amazon


CodeBreakers® PLAY Online Games

           Suitable for children and adults

Hours of fun playing our online, animated computer games.

Practise reading and spelling.

Fun and easily accessible

All games match our workbook series

*games only-workbooks not included






Read about our feedback and success stories below

Georgina is not only a warm and friendly Tutor but she’s also extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping children and adults with Dyslexia.

Her approach is methodical, engaging, and (most importantly for our 7-year old son) FUN! In a relatively short period of time, our son has come on incredibly well and we have no doubt that this is due to Georgina and her dedication – Thank you!


United Arab Emirates

Georgina is a lovely professional to work with and I have found her  to be;

Use suitable resources
Provided appropriate and timely feedback
Provided appropriate advice
Personable and approachable
The learner has developed;
Overall confidence
Less stressed/anxious when learning
More self esteem and confidence in school
Reading accuracy has increased
Spelling accuracy has increased
Writing and building sentences has developed
More confident to attempt writing
Willingness to engage and try new strategies when learning
Works more independently/needs less support

Head teacher-UK

Georgina always makes learning engaging and full of games. Tasks are tailored to her needs and pitched at a challenging level. Language has been explained and broken down so that she understands, possibly for the first time. My daughter is now enjoying regular lessons. I can already see improvements, yet it is still very early days. Georgina is very thorough and professional in her approach and for the first time I feel supported and positive about my daughter’s educational journey. 



Georgina has made learning fun. He absolutely loves bingo and naughts and crosses, he is learning whilst playing.  Georgina has provided work at his level of ability. He has definitely improved not just in confidence but his ability to use the skills in everyday life. This is evident when he asks to spell a word, he will take time to think about the word and the techniques he has been given. 

I have found he has more self esteem and confidence in school.  His writing and building sentences has developed.  He is


CodeBreakers® Success Stories

Learners start tuition with CodeBreakers at all ages, some are primary or secondary school age, others are mature students.
We caught up with some of our learners to see how they were getting on.

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Georgina has been nominated for a ‘Sentinel Our Heroes Award‘ as an education star for her CodeBreakers® programme.

‘Commended’ for new start up business at the Staffordshire Chambers Business Awards 2019

‘Nominated’ for National Diversity Award 2019

National Diversity Awards