SEN Jigsaw Conference 2018

SEN Jigsaw Conference April 2018

As a dyslexia assessor and tutor, it has become a passion to learn more about overlapping difficulties and other SPLDs. Over the years I have developed an excellent network of specialist within varying fields of language, auditory processing, visual processing, sensory processing, retained primitive reflexes, dyscalculia, dyspraxia…the list goes on.

When assessing children and adults I found I needed a network of specialist to be able to refer and signpost my clients to, to enable them to fit together the pieces of the puzzle and understand the needs they had and be able to maximise their potential in education.

A few years ago John Hicks of Spectacles Coaching and I decided to invite these specialist to one venue to be able to share their knowledge and best practice with parents and professionals at SEN Jigsaw Conference.

SEN Jigsaw 2018 is pleased to announce morning plenary speakers Libby Hill of SmallTalk Speech and Language & Sally Goddard Blythe of INPP Retained Primitive Reflexes.

Our afternoon will consist of a host of workshops from Crossbow Education (Visual Stress), CodeBreakers Dyslexia Programme (An Alternative to Whole Word Recognition), John Hicks of Spectacles Coaching (Dyslexia and Coaching), Jennie Lawton (SEN and Mental Health), Andrew Barrowclough, Director (Head of Education Law) of HCB Group (Law and EHCP) and Judy Hornigold (Dyscalculia).

The workshop hosts and plenary speaker Libby Hill, will be available to chat to on their exhibition stands during the day.

There will be a number of additional exhibitors from The PDA Society (Pathological Demand Avoidance), Dyspraxic Fantastic, Enabling Technology & St Davids College Llandudno, Leftshoponline, to name just a few.  Over the forthcoming weeks we’ll bring you an interview with all of our speakers, workshop hosts and exhibitors.

We feel we have a wide range of specialist, service providers and SEN suppliers to be able to offer both families and educational professionals a varied insight and wealth of information and be able to take away something new to apply to the classroom or support at home.

Please join us at SEN Jigsaw 2018– April 21st- The Bridge Centre, Stoke on Trent.

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SEN Jigsaw Conference 2018- Stoke on Trent