An Interview with Bob Hext of Crossbow Education

In the lead up to SEN Jigsaw 2018 co-organiser John Hicks will give an interview with each of our speakers, workshop hosts and exhibitors.


Continuing our blog article series on the SEN Jigsaw Conference that is taking place on the 21st April 2018, I am excited to introduce Bob Hext to you.

Bob has been a real pioneer in supporting young people and adults with visual stress difficulties over many years and Bob’s workshop will explore what visual stress is, the research behind it and what can be done to overcome it.

Bob tells us more in the interview below:

Bob, please could you tell our readers a little about yourself?

I am Bob Hext, and I am married to Anne.  I have three children and four grandchildren!

I am a teacher by training and I started working in education in 1973 teaching French and English and I also taught young people with Special Educational Needs.

In 1993, I founded Crossbow Education with three card games I had developed with my dyslexic students.  During this time I taught part time until 2004.

My wife, Anne and myself then developed and patented the eye level reading ruler in 2005 and since then we have gradually developed our visual stress range which now makes up about 75% of the Crossbow business.

Over time we have picked up a number of awards for our work with visual stress which we are very proud about.

Experience Bob’s Visual Stress Workshop – Click here.

Why do you do what you do?

I have always had an interest in creating original resources from my teaching days.  When I started Crossbow in 1993,

Bob runs Crossbow Education – Click here for more.

there were hardly any decent literacy games on the market so I made up my own!

I launched Crossbow at a dyslexia institute conference in 1993 with three original games that were designed to help children with dyslexia and then about ten years later I got interested in visual stress and the rest as they say is history.

What will your workshop be about at the SEN Jigsaw?

Visual Stress – What is it? What the research says about it and what can you do about it?

What will your delegates take away from your workshop (in terms of learning)?

Delegates will get a better understanding of visual stress, it’s relationship with dyslexia and other SpLDs and how to identify and help children who suffer from it.

How can our readers find out more about you?

For more information about me and my work then your readers are invited to take a look at my website which can be found by clicking here , or they could simply come to the SEN Jigsaw Conference and attend my workshop.  Click here to book your ticket.