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Language and Psychology

Bilinguals needed for University College London, Dyslexia Study

Raphael Hofaecker is a Third Year Psychology student at University College London. Throughout his studies he has been concerned with the application of psychology to improve lives. In a language development module, he became increasingly interested in Dyslexia. Understanding it also means being able to develop effective interventions. He has also always been interested in the effects of speaking more than one language and he considers the field of bilingual people with dyslexia has not received much attention yet.

As part of his degree, he is am conducting a research project investigating the underlying cognitive causes of dyslexia in different languages. The study looks at the profiles of dyslexia in people who read one language, or who are bilingual.

For this he is looking for



dyslexic native English speakers


dyslexic German / English bilinguals.





Raphael says, “The study would take up 30-45 minutes of your time. You would complete an online questionnaire regarding your language experience which you fill out from home or I am happy to complete this with you. You would then come in for a 20 minute face-to-face session where you will complete four tasks.

Ideally you would be London based, but I can travel around the SE of England”.

Today I completed the form and found it really quick to.

If you are interested or have any questions, please do get in touch under:  or +44 7478415364

The aim is also to get the study published in an academic journal. He hopes it will help us understand the causes of dyslexia in different languages better. This will help develop interventions, improving the lives of those affected.