I recently chatted with Adam Mitchell, an award winning crime writer/author from the UK, who was diagnosed with dyslexia aged 12 and he  also told me of some of the more famous authors too. 

Is this your 1st book Adam?  Tell us a little what it’s about…..

This is the first of three books in a series that are all out on Amazon (e-book and Paperback).

I hope you enjoy. “Eddy Kovakx robs the Lost Angel, central city’s newest night club, owned by Victor Renetti. Pulling off the job was the easy part. Now on the run with his partner’s broad, the sultry Kimmie Saint Claire, he also has an unstoppable PI on his case. Jack Malone is in hot pursuit thanks to the sadistic mobster Victor, putting a price on his head. Can Eddy and Kimmie get away with the money and their life. Or will Jack Malone get his mark. Danger, mystery, and adventure in the noir thriller.”

Where can we buy your book? 

Mainly from my web page and Amazon selling sights but I am expanding into other online selling markets like Barnes & Noble, Nook etc.

 What gave you inspiration to write it?

When I was at school and college the inspiration was simply to vent, as despite struggling with the written word, (not to mention the bullying from classmates.)  I loved to read and spoke to the librarian who said my now literary idol Raymond Chandler was Dyslexic to whether that was true or not back then didn’t matter. and from that day I got hooked on the era and genre. The film noir era 1940-49 has fuelled all three of my books to date.

Have you other books you are writing or planning?  Can you give us an idea what they are about?

I’m currently working on a semi-autobiographical novel about my life through the eyes of my fictional alter ego…Harry Block, but can’t say more than that or the gods of publishing will smite me down.

How easy or hard have you found the publishing process?  What route have you taken?

It’s a roller-coaster ride if I’m honest, and oddly enough writing the book itself is the easiest part. Marketing that’s the real up hill battle of the whole process. Indie’s always struggle in this area, and many give up when the see little results from sometimes years of work. I often find myself in this dip, but you have to keep plugging on. Being Dyslexic doesn’t help either it can be a real nightmare at times when doing the editing side of things, as you are missing things, second guessing yourself over spelling, grammar and all the other nightmares we all had with writing at school. Thankfully along the way I have found a lot of software and there is some out there, to help anyone who struggles with these areas and some of it is free to. So always keep your eyes open, but believe me when I say if you want to write. Just write you all can do it. Finally I will say this though to all the blog readers out there, if  you buy a book from an Indie Author and the chances are you will one day. PLEASE leave a review on the sight. It’s those reviews which help the author fund themselves, the more reviews the more people know, the more people like.

So please support a local indie writer whenever you can. LEAVE A REVIEW!

 Do you enjoy reading other authors work?  Who are they?

I read a lot of authors from the Independent Writing Community, and will be promoting one or two on my website soon so keep your eyes peeled there. I also tend to read a lot of Mainstream authors who like me are Dyslexic, its a good motivational thing to do, plus they often come up with out of the box stories that grip you or emote you one way or another. Check out Charles Bukowski, Raymond Chandler, Steven J. Cannell, Dav Pilkey, Lynda La Plante and finally the two literate power houses that are F. Scott Fitzgerald and Agatha Christie.

So never think ‘you can’t’ because all them mainstreams authors suffered just like you and me and they did it… you can to!

 What format do you read from: printed books or audio books?

I tend to stick to paperbacks and e-books and avoid audio books, there’s nothing wrong with them there just not my cup of tea.


You have told us you’re an author with dyslexia- did you enjoy writing at school?  What were your experiences at school?

Wow, school a very dark time for me. I was shunned by teachers and students alike. I retreated into myself a lot, because I was getting bullied in one way or another from both sides, but the teachers did the most always degrading my attempts to understand and keep up. So the library became my home, that’s where the love of books and the written word came from, even if I kept it to myself.

Have you gone on to complete further education or training which led you to write your book?

No due to my experiences at school college and the like were something I was going to and did avoid, as in my eyes then and now it was just the same problems just grown up.

Truly inspirational words from Adam,  if you feel you have a book within you, start writing.  There are far more assistive technology resources out there which can enable people to write, some of which are free or not as expensive as you might initially think.  Adam will be writing an additional article on his best tips for assistive software and advice for writers.


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