The Reading Card Routine

When teaching students to read it is important that they can sound out words and blend the sounds.  Here we show how a student says the sounds in isolation, so that when met with this pattern within a word they can decode it.  They can also then transfer this sound to unfamiliar words, not just high frequency or social sight words.

You will notice that there is a picture on the reverse and the student also says the clue word.  This gives the word and sound semantic representation, making the information ‘stick’.  The clue word should also be something that means something to the student.  They don’t need to be able to read it, just check the visual/picture.

Teaching synthetic phonics means the system can be reversed and patterns can be used to ‘encode’ or spell.  Visit us again to see the Spelling Card Routine video.

Visit us soon to watch more videos on letter sound V letter names.

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