Physical Difficulties Support Service (PDSS) established in September 2017 is now offering a new programme, ‘Busy Bodies‘ to help with fine and gross motor skills for children with dyspaxia, hypermobility and other related learning difficulties.
Anne at PDSS, is an independent educational practitioner, following 18 years working for Staffordshire County Councils service.  The aim of PDSS is to provide support to various settings to enable inclusion of pupils with physical difficulties and associated learning needs. Anne has experience of working both within schools and as an outreach worker covering Staffordshire as an independent practitioner she is now able  to cover a wider area when required.
Support can be offered in a number of specialist areas;
  • transition between schools
  • advice on equipment and resources
  • support and guidance and participation upon the SEND assessment
  • advice and reports for Education and Health Care Plan’s  (EHCP’s)
  • mobility and physical access
  • risk assessments and care plans
  • touch typing
  • handwriting assessments
  • gross and fine motor skills
  • strategies for physical management and personal care
  • moving and handling training/advice
  • personal self help
  • life skills
  • staff training on Dyspraxia, hypermobility and handwriting.


Since being independent, Anne has ran  courses on Dyspraxia and hypermobility, which have been well attended with positive feedback. She has also carried out several Moving and Handling training sessions throughout Staffordshire.


Under the PDSS umbrella she is now running a programme of twelve sessions to develop children’s gross and fine motor skills, called “Busy Bodies.”  Anne delivers the programme to a group of children and based on her years of experience she can assist young children with gross and fine motor difficulties. The programme is progressive and progress will be monitored and tasks can be adapted to meet the children’s needs, it is aimed primarily to assist with early intervention at Reception and year 1. The programme can be developed to suit older age groups. The programme can be accessed through the Sports Premium Funding.


Some of the children Anne has worked with previously have been referred back to her, to be involved with again, which is great to know her involvement is having a positive impact.  Anne sees some pupils on a regular basis, by request of parents or the schools, to assist with various interventions, to enhance the child’s education such as handwriting, gross and fine motor advice and accessing the curriculum.  Anne has a wide range of experience and can provide a bespoke service to schools or parents, to enhance the education of children in local schools.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.
Anne Ratcliff
Telephone : (01538) 626020