September 2018 saw the launch of CodeBreakers® Pilot Study in Schools. After just 6 weeks of using the programme, we’re already receiving positive feedback from the schools using CodeBreakers® as their intervention programme. One school reported,

We can already see some great improvements in self-esteem, which is wonderful to see.


Over a year ago a freelance specialist teacher and assessor contacted CodeBreakers® and could see the value in the programme so much, she quickly bought a copy for her own practice. I chatted with the specialist teacher recently, to get an update on how she had found using the programme and learn more about her student’s opinion of CodeBreakers®.

CodeBreakers Work Book

The specialist teach told us, ” Initially I supplemented my original intervention programme with CodeBreakers®. However, with a few learners that I started, when I bought CodeBreakers® I used that as the main intervention programme.   I started with the CodeBreakers®  baseline tests to gauge starting points.


I have just updated the tests and have seen progress, however, they are not only dyslexic. Some have an EHCP for SEMH and are at a special secondary school for this.





The students love the activities and structure CodeBreakers® gives.  I then supplement  CodeBreakers® with other things – functional skills English and phonic comprehension. It is the CodeBreakers® they prefer and they are making progress!

She continued to tell us, “The feedback from the learners I use  CodeBreakers® with is very positive – they love the variety of activities, particularly the dice games! As a specialist teacher sing it, I find it very easy to use and it is versatile too . I’m really pleased, it is going well!

It’s very hard to measure but when using CodeBreakers® we know that students of all ages begin to feel less anxious about learning.  Their self-esteem, confidence and motivation in general, towards learning, starts to grow. It’s one of the areas we hope to try to measure during the pilot study.  We have very kindly been given permission to use the Learning Power Questionnaire  by Professor Guy Claxton. You can read more about it here.  The students can score themselves from 1-10, on various aspects of how they see themselves as learners.  We can then repeat this at the end of the project (June 2019) and identify how the individual’s view of themselves may have changed.  In some cases, we have also asked teachers to complete the questionnaire, as it’s also an interesting perspective to gain.

The specialist teacher concludes how she sees her students’ progress,

My students are definitely – much more willing to have a go, especially in other lessons. Also willingness to access specialist tuition and wanting to learn!

The specialist teacher is clearly confident about the learning structure and system which CodeBreakers® provides for her and her students, so much so that she’s now planning to extend to her new primary school students. CodeBreakers® works successfully engaging students of all ages.  Predominantly, it’s primary school students which tend to receive the most intervention.  However, in our private practice we find that middle school and secondary schools students enjoy lessons.  Some of our students are those in post-16 education or apprenticeships.  Other students have included a mum returning to education and most recently we saw one of our students graduate from university as a paramedic.

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