We’ve known for some time that highlighting and visual prompts can aid our memory when learning.  Who would have thought we needed to be selective about the colour we use?  Dr Tracy Packiam Alloway  is a psychologist whose specialisms is memory, in particular the working memory. How can colour influence working memory?

I recently wrote an article regarding how drawing can help study skills and memory in particular regarding reading and spelling  and this fantastic additional information can really add to how we retain learning of any kind.

Imagine if you were decorating a room and you wanted a calming effect, which colours would you choose? I’d go for greens and blues. Naturally we know these colours calm, however I’d never really made that simple link to studying and memory.  Dr Tracy Packiam Alloway suggests that using hot and vibrant colours naturally stimulates our memory more. Therefore, we are more likely to retain information.

I’m about to update my highlighters and colouring pencils!

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