Two of my lovely friends have brought a great initiative to our town to help inspire kids to read, in the FREE, Look for a Book scheme. Both ladies work with children, one in child care and the other in speech and language, both have young children of their own.

The idea is to re-cycle old books so others can gain pleasure and enjoyment from reading them.  It’s a great initiative, especially over the school holidays and great way of getting kids excited about reading.  Even better it’s FREE!

Children can have fun trying to find a new hiding place for their book and and equally have fun trying to find a new one.  They may even start to look through all those books you have stashed in play room or on the shelves already at home.

Both ladies know the importance of developing children’s language and this can be done not only through reading but as you talk about the book they’ve read.

As a dyslexia tutor I’m passionate about ensuring children learn to read and equally as important, their language skills and vocabulary develop too.  I’ll be encouraging my students to join in the scheme.  I also have lots of high interest lower reading age books available which I’ll be putting into the scheme and asking my students to hide around our town.

I think this is a fantastic initiative and maybe something you can create in your own town too?