Of course the students using CodeBreakers don’t have to have a Dyslexia diagnosis, some have for one reason of another, despite several types of intervention, not been able to develop effective reading and spelling skills.

CodeBreakers has now been trialed in UK schools as a 1:1 intervention and we’ve seen amazing results after just a few weeks of intervention, for one hour a week. We are now in the process of writing up the study and submitting the findings to professional education and psychology journals. During my time organising the pilot study in schools, I was surprised to learn that not all new intervention programmes on the market conduct research into their effectiveness.

We are now very excited to be working with more schools in September 2019 in a second study, both primary and secondary,  will be delivering CodeBreakers as small group intervention.

We appreciate there are lots of new initiatives and schools are flooded. I have spoken to many schools who’ve bought a programme and nobody is particularly sure how to use it, so often its not as effective or doesn’t get used. That’s why at CodeBreakers we’ve written a training session, which is short and friendly, so you can get the most from the intervention programme you choose. I’ve said it so many times.  There are lots of phonics programmes on the market but it’s the effectiveness of the delivery and confidence of the person delivering which makes all the difference. If you’d like to know more about the training available with CodeBreakers please contact us.

Working with schools this past year, it’s also evident we are in a different economic climate and budgets are tight. We’ve recognised that schools can’t always access CodeBreakers complete programme. We want to be able to give every school an opportunity to use CodeBreakers and we’ve now changed the pricing to enable all schools to be able to access CodeBreakers.

Schools can now buy CodeBreakers as a series (rather than the complete programme), which includes 10 different workbooks, working on 10 different patterns or sounds. This means 10 student can benefit from the programme, for just under £19 pp, per year.

CodeBreakers workbooks are a printable resource and we anticipate each workbook takes between 60-90 minutes to complete. The emphasis is on over learning and completing at each student’s pace, allowing learning to be revisited during the week, giving opportunity to transfer knowledge to the classroom and independent study.

Preparing lessons has never been simpler and quicker. Everything needed is delivered on a memory stick and all you need to do is click and print. It’s an incredible way of saving time planning lessons.

You can also buy the additional lesson plans or CodeBreakers baseline/progress tests separately.  Our tests are a great way of establishing a start point on the programme. You can also measure progress of both accuracy and speed. The tests link directly back to CodeBreakers programme and will quickly make reference to a sound/pattern in a workbook to indicate learning has not been consolidated. You can also quickly populate individual learning plans with SMARTs. You can visit our SHOP to see the various pricing options.

Our lesson plans map directly to each lesson and are just a click away and ready to print.  We hope we’ve thought of everything to take the stress out of planning and delivery.

Of course, you’ll still receive the Instructor’s Manual, Curriculum Map and Student Progress Tracking form FREE of charge, no matter which option you choose.

If you have any further question please feel free to contact CodeBreakers for a chat with no obligation. We’d welcome an opportunity to demonstrate CodeBreakers on a FREE webinar. georgina.smith@dyslexia-codebreakers.co.uk