At the moment we are all experiencing difficult times. You may be a parent struggling with educating your child at home, you made be a teacher or TA required to provide work for your students and struggling to find appropriate resources. It’s difficult as not all students will have access to a computer, if they do they may have to share with siblings or parents. Many parents are now having to work from home and juggle completing their own work and possibly supporting one or more child at home with their studies. 

I know from speaking with families, some students are finding it difficult to access work and very much missing the stimulation of a class teacher. They’re finding it difficult to to stay focused and motivated. I think trying to focus for 5 hrs of lesson time at home, for many students will be challenging.  Other families have commented how their children are struggling to adapt to a different routine and miss the structure of a school day. Many of my students have overlapping difficulties such as ASD or language development difficulties and are missing the sensory stimulation required from exercise and occupational therapy and this impacts on their self-regulation.  Others are missing the support of the therapists they so often require at school, to help them continue their development.

You may of course also be  a parent who is very much enjoying helping your child with their education, adapting things at home, for new learning opportunities. I think it’s key that during these difficult times that children have ‘down time’ from formal education and that learning can take place through other activities.  At CodeBreakers, we’ve placed a number of links on our Facebook page to help with ideas for alternative education resources. I think maybe this might be a time where some children find a new interest and explore new learning. 

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Moreover, I feel children need to be reassured to reduce their anxiety. Anxiety about the whole situation of the virus and those who are missing the social contact of other family members and friends. Those who are worried about their future and education, in particular my thoughts are with those who would be taking exams this summer. Children are not good at being able to articulate and often don’t really know what their real worry is and this is often communicated in many different ways. As you’ll know if you’ve been following my earlier posts, I’m very passionate about supporting individuals with anxiety. Read more here.

I’ve been lucky to be able to continue working with my students and each and everyone has made great efforts to make the transition to online tuition. CodeBreakers has proven to be a great adaptable resource and enabled the children to have a seamless continuation of learning.  Many are actually enjoying using the IT software and adapted phenomenally well. In fact, I’d say we’ve found some new skills for some students and this has had a great impact on their confidence.

During these difficult times, some of the larger companies have been able to offer free access to their resources online.  At CodeBreakers we would love to join in with this massive gesture. However, at the moment we are still working hard to change CodeBreakers to an online resource which is web-based. So for now, we’re adapting some resources to be able to bring you access to all 6 series of CodeBreakers’ flashcards, through a FREE online platform called Quizlet.

If you’re not familiar with CodeBreakers, it’s a systematic synthetic phonics programme which is structured and cumulative.  It is delivered with multi- sensory techniques. This means individuals are only ever asked to read and spell words they’ve discovered the pattern of so far.   Therefore, as you progress through each of the 10 patterns in each of the 6 series (60 in total) you’ll discover more and more patterns and sounds and have an opportunity to practice groups of words based on the same onset and rime or mid/final patterns, consonant blends or vowel digraphs etc., each time building an individual’s knowledge of sounds in words.  This is just a very small aspect of the resources from CodeBreakers. There is a workbook to compliment each set of words, giving individuals plenty of opportunity to over learn the pattern/sound in a number of multi-sensory reading and spelling activities.  Workbooks are presently available as printable PDF resources provided on a memory stick.  

Within a few days we’ll send you a link to Quizlet and there you’ll find each series of CodeBreakers flashcards.  You’ll be able to use them to practice reading and check spellings through the interactive part of Quizlet. It can read out the words to practice spelling and has many other features which students of all ages can enjoy. We’ll be letting you know how to use Quizlet effectively very soon.

For now, take care and we hope you enjoy reading the various posts from

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