During the difficult times we’ve decided to give our readers access to just some of CodeBreakers resources. 

CodeBreakers is a systematic, synthetic phonics programme, which is structured and cumulative.  Workbooks which accompany the flashcards, are also available on our website and these will provide multi-sensory learning opportunities.  You will only ever be asked to read or spell the words with sounds and patterns you’ve learned, so you’ll quickly become confident.

You will find Series 1 & 2 below. Simply click to access the interactive flashcards on the FREE platform, Quizlet.  We hope you enjoy using them.  Next week we will release series 3 & 4 and the following week series 5 & 6.

Series 1 – click to access

Series 2  – Click to access

We know not everybody is comfortable with IT, so we’ve provided a quick video of how Quizlet works.  We apologise for the sound quality when Quizlet speaks, it does not record well but is excellent.

The flashcards are also a printable resource, please feel free to print and share.  You might also like to print them and draw a picture on each card, to represent the word.  You might like to play some games with the printed flashcards.  You can play snap or the pairing game, turning over two cards at a time, taking turns, to see if you can find a pair. This is also great as a working memory exercise. You can create ‘pairs’ by making duplicate prints of words with the same pattern, for example in Series 1 Book 8 you could ‘pair’ all a-e words (pane/spade) or i-e words (pine/hide).

Why not make a bingo card grid, write a selection of words onto the bingo card then nominate a bingo caller. Use the flashcards and call them out.  We’ve got more game ideas to talk about next time.

Don’t forget, it’s really important that the words are used in every day language to provide meaning. Retention of words, in both reading and spelling, will be far greater if meaning is attached to the words. Maybe practice reading a word and then orally putting the word in a sentence.  You can model sentences by taking turns with this activity.  You can maybe also progress to writing sentences which include these words.  You could even make a video recording, on a mobile phone saying your sentences. You could also try recording them as text by using the speech to text option on a mobile phone or tablet.

We hope you’ve found lots of ways to have fun with CodeBreakers resources. We’d love to hear about your success stories and games you’ve played.  Visit us on FaceBook and tell your story.

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