To celebrate 5yrs of CodeBreakers and our new website, giving instant access to workbooks, we’ve massively reduced CodeBreakers Home Edition workbooks – Our sale is now on with over 50% OFF.

We appreciate that there are a number of SEN families looking to gain additional support during lockdown and home learning.  We’ve been working behind the scenes to make sure you can order your CodeBreakers workbooks, download, print and start to learn on the same day.

As our government considers schools in England may be closed until March 8th 2021, we’ve decided to keep our prices at the reduced rate of £49.99 for a set of 10 printable workbooks, until then. That’s just £4.99 per workbook. This includes all our current series 1 – 6.


                 CodeBreakers Workbooks

Our workbooks have at least 20 pages of learning activities and feature all the activities you would find if you received a personal 1:1 lesson from our author Georgina.  Each workbook will work on 1 sound or pattern and give ample opportunity to over learn that 1 sound or pattern through single word reading and spelling, taking learners through to reading and writing at sentence level.  The workbooks develop phonological and phonemic awareness skills, key to developing reading and spelling skills for struggling learners. Our workbooks are packed with worksheets and lots of games to make learning fun!

Workbooks also offer a number of multi-sensory learning techniques, which will help stimulate auditory, visual and kinaesthetic senses, giving the learner multiple opportunities to absorb the information.  For learners with poor working memory or auditory memory difficulties this means they can also process and store information in multiple ways, easing the stress on central executive functioning.  Learners are shown how to look for patterns in words, giving them new learning strategies and another way to process words, not just based only on sounds. 

Learners are provided with vocabulary and language information to help them understand and use the words, giving them a semantic link, something which has personal meaning to them. This again helps learners  ‘bind together’ all the information being learned, make connections and as a result make processing information easier, which in turn, helps learning stick.  

CodeBreakers has been written with the knowledge that families at home wanted to be able to offer reading and spelling instruction at a very high standard, something which would take parents/carers easily through a programme, step-by-step.  We’ve also created a very accessible, easy to understand manual which will show you how to best deliver each of our worksheets to get the best results.  


We’re sure that your learner will enjoy CodeBreakers but if you’re not too sure, we understand that and have created a single workbook for you to

Try for just £4.99.

CodeBreakers is based on levels of ability not age range.  If you’re unsure which series your learner needs, then you can try one of our FREE Baseline Tests. Our tests are mapped directly back to series 1-6 of CodeBreakers workbooks, indicating where to start on the CodeBreakers programme.


Have you already tried CodeBreakers? We’d welcome your comments.

If you have any questions please email CodeBreakers and we’ll be happy to answer you.