CodeBreakers PLAY online games for school and home 

You can now access CodeBreakers PLAY via our website for

single or multiple users.

Bring fun and energy to your education setting or home learning.

Would you like to know how you can access games for home or school? AT NO COST…Read on…

All the sounds and patterns from our 6 series of workbooks are mapped directly to CodeBreakers PLAY online games (more series of games are coming). This means your learners can still use a systematic synthetic phonics programme to develop reading a spelling accuracy and we’ve now added even more FUN to learning.  You can use CodeBreakers PLAY online games as a stand alone resource or in conjunction with our printable workbooks.


Our workbooks are available to purchase separately.  You can access a sample workbook HERE.

CodeBreakers is a unique system,  where learners can access printable workbooks which already have a significant opportunity to practice reading and spelling, focussing on one sound or pattern, which now also has the option of online games too.  CodeBreakers is a systematic synthetic phonics programme, which is cumulative and structured, meaning a learner quickly builds confidence with reading and spelling accuracy. CodeBreakers is suitable for all ages from 6 to post 16 and has been used successfully with primary and secondary school students, alongside students in post 16 settings and adults seeking to improve their reading and spelling.


How can schools buy CodeBreakers PLAY?

Schools can subscribe to CodeBreakers PLAY and receive multiple logins, each learner will be able to access their own account and learn at their own pace.  We offer a wide range of subscriptions from single user up to 100 usersStarting from as little as  £6.30 per learner, per year. (* Based on 100 users). Schools can also choose from a single learner licence if they wish. Find out more here


Can I buy CodeBreakers PLAY if I’m a home user?

For home use, parents or adult learners can access a monthly membership subscription or save by choosing our annual membership. Find out more about our monthly or annual subscriptions here

What device can a learner play on?

Whichever subscription you choose, your learner will have access to over 600 fun packed, online games, immediately, which can be used on a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. (*Internet access is required). Series 7 onwards are coming soon.

How can I get CodeBreakers PLAY, AT NO COST?

We are looking for 50 beta testers. It could be a student in your school or your child at home. It may even be an adult looking to improve their skills.

As a beta tester, we’ll invite you to play all our games, in return we’d love you to give your feedback on your experience.

If you’d like to join this exclusive club, please contact CodeBreakers via our contact page with the heading GAMES TESTER. To qualify, you MUST provide a a parent/teacher email address, who we can contact by email to complete our quick feedback form.


Can’t wait to try CodeBreakers PLAY?

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