According to a recent BBC Newsround report,  the health charity Backcare says the weight of books and bags are dangerous for children and can lead to back problems in later life. Is it possible for schools to change to paperless learning?

They say that children should carry no more than 10-15% of their bodyweight.

Girls are often smaller than boys, but carry the same weight of books and homework. Recent research showed that 31% of boys carried overly heavy bags, compared to nearly 42% of girls.

Read the article here- BBC Newsround report

We’re proud to say at CodeBreakers, all our workbooks are digital.  In our 1:1 tuition sessions we’ve now become totally paperless by delivering all session on an interactive whiteboard platform called Bitpaper. As an additional bonus, this is also helping our learners to practice their typing skills. For those who struggle to hold pens and have difficulty writing, this has become a revelation for them, they now feel their work is well presented.  For our learners who are anxious about getting answers wrong, we can also simply press the back button to remove an incorrect answer or we can move their work around the screen to organise and structure writing.  As the tutor, it’s a wonderful tool, as I can use the highlighter pen on screen to draw my learner’s attention to the sound we are working on in a word or an error they may have made spelling.   For those with visual processing difficulties I can change the background colour to suit their needs.  Learners can also read and highlight key words to reinforce learning.  The opportunities are endless!  We now offer our tuition directly into schools, as well as our afterschool home education sessions.   All you need is a computer or laptop with internet access and learners are able to instantly access individual reading and spelling sessions, using our unique CodeBreakers system of systematic synthetic phonics.   Our learners are then able to log into their account at any time to review learning or practice.

If you’re considering 1:1 sessions for home or school, contact us now to confirm you tuition place for September 2022.