Are you looking for a dyslexia or dyscalculia assessment?

A few year ago, when Covid became common place in the UK, it left many dyslexia assessors in a difficult position, unable to offer assessments, especially those who didn’t work directly in schools. As a result, since the world has opened up again, it has left a backlog of parents looking for dyslexia assessments for their child.  Covid also saw an increase in home education and as parents started to see more about their child’s coping strategies, there also became an increase in awareness that some children needed additional support. 

During Covid, the companies that created the assessment materials responded quickly to adapt them, to enable assessors to offer online assessments. Some assessors they have continued to offer an online dyslexia assessment. We should be very clear here to differentiate between online screening tests which are computer generated and full diagnostic assessments which are the same as a face-to-face assessment, using the same battery of tests and providing the same high quality report, it’s just offered remotely on a service such as Zoom and will only be offered by a suitably qualified dyslexia assessor. 

We are please to announce the onward referral to the The Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Academy.  Katie Nelson is the founder of the Dyslexia and the Dyscalculia- Academy.  She is the proud parent of an amazing daughter who has dyslexia and has a background is in Primary school teaching. She is a highly experienced Dyslexia and Dyscalculia assessor and Specialist Teacher, S.E.N.D school advisor and SENDCO. 

She told CodeBreakers;

I wanted to set up the Dyslexia-Academy and the Dyscalculia-Academy remote online assessment service, initially as a result of the lock down so that pupils would still be able to get the support that they so desperately need; however, our uniquely devised interactively designed online assessment portal has proven so effective that we are now able to offer our assessments via our secure online portal worldwide!

Having chatted with Katie, I know that she is equally as passionate about supporting individuals who have dyslexia and helping families to identify the learning needs of their children.

If you’d like to know more about Katie and her service please follow the link – contact Katie Nelson