It’s a huge ‘hello’ from CodeBreakers!

We appreciate we’ve been rather quiet for a while as lots of development has been taking place behind the scenes making CodeBreakers even better.

We’re super excited to tell you about the new audio facility (text to speech) on many of CodeBreakers PLAY games, for every series.  For some time now we’ve been hoping to be able to offer this facility and enable your learners to work on CodeBreakers PLAY games independently.

The new audio element will now automatically read out the clues, where necessary on games, such as hangman or anagrams.  The same thrill of playing the game is still available but now enables learners who struggle, to read the clues to engage more or use the games without the support of someone else reading the clues for them.

As you’ll appreciate with over 600 games to play, it’s taken some time to update all the games. If you already subscribe to CodeBreakers PLAY, you’ll now see more and more with the audio facility, when you next log in.  

For now, here’s just a little taste

Click to play


If you wish to try more of our CodeBreakers PLAY games- you can access a sample of games immediately HERE  for just £1.99.

If you’re a parent you can subscribe to an annual or monthly membership which gives access to all our games

If you’re a school, we offer a corporate multi-user membership, enabling every child to have their own login.

Remember, all the sets of games match up directly with each of our CodeBreakers workbooks.

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