Something BRAND NEW and VERY exciting is happening!


Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking about how I can add more value to CodeBreakers® workbooks.  I wanted to add more to the workbooks and offer even more unique content that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Today, I want to tell you how CodeBreakers® workbooks have changed.

Not only have our workbook covers had a little makeover, we hope you agree the new covers look fresh and you can easily identify the patterns being worked on by their cover, I’m also pleased to say that the day has arrived at last…

We’re proud to announce the new release of the 3rd edition of CodeBreakers® for the academic year 2023-24.

We’re now gradually upgrading all of our workbooks on our website, where you see the new book covers, you’ll be assured our latest workbook content has been upgraded.

If you’re a subscriber, you’ll get notified every time a series has been upgraded. That means you can instantly go to your account and download the latest version.

You’ll notice our new 3rd edition workbooks now have some added extras from today.  We know that new designs can be a surprise but we hope you’ll like the subtle improvements. We’ve not taken anything away from the workbooks and the principles of how it works. Your favourite bingo games are still there. So, it’s just as easy to use as it’s always been, just even better!

You’ll notice a unique new feature which we believe isn’t available in any other programme. We’ve now mapped in the 100 & 200 high frequency word list, alongside years 1-6 common exception word list. Phew! It’s been a really challenging task but we think the changes are fantastic.

Many weekly spellings tests in schools use the these wordlists and I see all too often children struggle to spell and retain those words, they use look, say, cover methods, copying words labelling each letter, copying and building up each letter in a pyramid effect and attempt to make a visual recall. When they receive next week’s words, usually the previous words are already forgotten. As you know CodeBreakers® workbooks work on one sound/pattern.  If you have a learner who is struggling with a particular part/s of a word (from those lists), you’ll now be able to look up the word in our Word Map booklet (coming to your inbox soon) and it will tell you exactly where to find the difficult part of the word in our series. You’ll then be able to do lots of over learning based on that sound. You’ll also find the other words from all those lists, which follow the same sound or rule. All our workbooks provide ample opportunities for over learning.

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We’ve not stopped there!  Samples of the words from the 100 & 200 HFW and years 1-6 common exception words have then been included in an additional wordlist.  You can then find those words at the end of our workbooks, within sentences, to provide even more reading practice, using the words in context.

But wait there’s more…we’ve also updated the word lists with some examples of non words/alien words, that will help you to determine if your learner is reliant on whole word recognition.

Finally, we’ve developed our games to add even more practice to read and spelling single words. You’ll notice we’ve added a little more fun with the snakes and ladders style game, alongside the WordBuster game which enables your learner to also play a tactical and logical game.

Of course, the sequence of workbooks remains the same and still pairs up with the CodeBreakers® PLAY online games.

We’ll also be releasing more series of workbooks later in the year, we now have 12 series in total to release.

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