We’ve been working hard this summer to bring you Series 9 & 10 of CodeBreakers and it’s NOW available


Many of the learners I tutor have a significant difficulty with reading and spelling and most of them need to start at the very beginning of the CodeBreakers programme. For some of my older learners, or perhaps those have developed skills in recognising sounds in words and are aware of some of the early years spelling responses, the new series 9 & 10 will help to support any gaps in knowledge.

Here you’ll find what your learner can work on in Series 9


Series 9 is available to buy & download


From series 5 onwards we start to look at alternative ways to make written responses to spell sounds. From Series 4, we also look more at letters making different sounds when they have a relationship or work with another letter to change the sounds.

In the Series 10, we can start to look at silent letters. I find once a learner starts to learn about ‘wh’ it can be found randomly slipped in all words which start with ‘w’ which are unfamiliar. In this series, we can start to look more at the influence of other languages and word etymology.

 Series 10 is available to buy & download NOW


If you need to know which series is suitable for your child, we do have our FREE Baseline Tests.  New for August 2023, we have our NEW WORD MAP booklet as an additional way to help you identify your learner’s gaps in knowledge. The booklet lists all the 100 & 200 High Frequency Words and Years 1-6 Common Exception Words. Once you have identified the tricky part of a word (error), locate the word in the Word Map booklet. Use control F for a quick search.  You will then be shown where you’ll find the tricky word, across each series, the workbook will work on one specific part of that word, which you have identified as tricky. Of course there will be lots more words which use this tricky pattern and many more from the word list which use this pattern, providing lots of overlearning opportunities.

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