Have you recently been considering a reader pen or something similar for yourself, your child or students?

I know reader pens have been around for a number of years now and they are now commonly part of reasonable adjustments for learners with dyslexia. In a world where assistive tech is becoming more common place and rightly so, I was impressed by the progress OrCam have made. I’ve often felt some reader pens are difficult to use. I’ve seen some people struggle trying to scroll over the right part of the text and it can be time consuming having to role over a whole document, even more if you have a number of pages to read. However, with Orcam you can simply aim at the page and click to capture the whole page. It doesn’t have to be a page either, Orcam will read from other surfaces too. This would be really great if you’re out and about, maybe in a museum. It also has ear phones too so you have very discretely listen to the information. This looks great for students and even the workplace. I can see this being a game changer for apprentices for example. There are some additional bonuses to that I haven’t seen so far with reader pens.

OrCam Learn Improves Reading and Learning Skills

OrCam Learn helps to improve reading fluency, and comprehension for students of all ages with learning and reading differences, including Dyslexia and ADHD. Its innovative features, such as text-to-audio conversion, personalised learning support, and interactive activities, make it a powerful tool for enhancing learning outcomes and promoting independence and social inclusion.


Convert any text to speech

Simply point & click, and OrCam Learn reads out loud a full page, paragraph, or single word, from any type of text, not just from books.

Would you like to see how OrCam works? Click the demo link below.


You can read more about OrCam here

It’s great and comes in a range of colours

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It’s an amazing piece of equipment which can even check reading comprehension.

How to does OrCam assesses reading comprehension?

When the user finishes reading text with the device, OrCam Learn assesses their reading comprehension by asking content-related questions and then provides immediate feedback

It can even track your progress

How does OrCam track progress and areas of growth?

The mobile app tracks progress and growth, reading time, accuracy and text difficulty level. Reports and summaries are generated for every reading session.

Can OrCam be used anywhere?

Take with you wherever you go. The handheld device works offline and connects to wired and wireless headphones. Use it at work, in class, and on the go.

Orcam has received a positive review from, the UK Vice Chair of the British Dyslexia Association, you can read her review on Orcam’s website. Personally, I feel it has advantages over other pens I have seen. I like that you don’t have to roll the pen over text, just aim and press a button. It also seem to read larger pieces of text rather than simply scrolling over occasional words or having to scan each line of continuous text. For this reason I feel using the Orcam pen would decrease time spent reading.


In the interest of transparency, CodeBreakers is an affiliate of Orcam and this is an advertorial