March 15-16 2024 sees the next live Dyslexia Show at the NEC and CodeBreakers will be joining in!

I’ve been thoroughly excited and couldn’t wait to share the news with you first!  CodeBreakers is extremely proud to be sitting alongside organisations such as SEN Group  and TTS Special Direct as a supporter of the Dyslexia Show 2024


Dyslexia Show Supporter


Although I can’t be there in the flesh this time to meet and greet you, I will be there in spirit and I have a very special offer for anyone who registers for the Dyslexia Show 2024.

In fact, there is no charge to attend the exhibition and meet lots of people at their stands, to help support you and your family on your journey learning about dyslexia, or you as a education professional supporting learners with dyslexia.

My thoughts on the Dyslexia Show 2024 registration

I think the Dyslexia Show’s website is fantastic. It’s really easy to register. Once you have registered to attend the exhibition, there’s an additional option to attend one of many talks on dyslexia, there’s an additional fee for each.  For education professionals, there’s also a great chance to gain some CPD hours. The great news is, even if you don’t pay to attend any of the workshops, you’ll  still be able to grab my amazing offer.  The only way to access this offer is to register for the Dyslexia Show 2024 and you’ll be sent a link to the offer once it is released, closer to the event date.

Read on to find out more about my fantastic offer!

Can you still get in touch with CodeBreakers?

Although I can’t be at the Dyslexia Show, if you’re an education professional and would like to know more about CodeBreakers products or get a quote, I am very much here to chat with you about your school’s needs. If you are are a tutor looking to buy the programme for your tuition service, there are slots now available to book, on the Request a Call Back form.

As a dyslexia specialist, I understand that schools are unable to offer diagnostic assessment to all learners. However, for those with dyslexic traits, a dyslexia diagnosis or those struggling to develop reading and spelling skills at any age, I’ve developed CodeBreakers.  It is an effective programme, where I share with you all my skills and knowledge as a specialist teacher. I’ve created a clear pathway and structure to guide learners through a progressive programme. It also includes baseline tests to establish gaps in knowledge and re-test to establish if learning has been consolidated. It’s a programme not just for primary age learners but high school and post-16 struggling readers and spellers. As we know that TAs are at the forefront of delivering intervention programmes, I have written CodeBreakers with this in mind and it is easily accessible, with the option of training.


Below is just one of the comments from a SENCO using CodeBreakers.

SENCO comments on CodeBreakers dyslexia programme

CodeBreakers Dyslexia Programme -SENCO comments

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Don’t forget, CodeBreakers can also be used as a home education resource and our workbooks are packed with reading and spelling activities. Learners don’t need to have a diagnosis of dyslexia to use CodeBreakers, it will work for all learners who are struggling to develop reading and spelling skills, at any age.

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Of Course, I feel I’ve developed the best dyslexia programme for schools, tutors and home education. But why take my word for it…

The CodeBreakers offer to Dyslexia Show attendees

If you are still reading, I’m sure you’re intrigued and want to know about my offer, as part of CodeBreakers supporting the Dyslexia Show 2024. I’ll be offering a 3 part training programme, including 90 mins of top information from me, a dyslexia specialist with over 20 years experience of teaching learners of all ages to read and spell. Even better, there will be NO CHARGE for Dyslexia Show attendees, saving you £21 on the course.

Dyslexia -Teaching effective reading and spelling skills- training

Who is it for?

This is for you if you are working in an education setting, you are a tutor or a parent/carer looking to learn more about dyslexia, strategies to develop your learner’s reading and spelling skills and need lots of ideas about activities for those with dyslexia, dyslexic traits or those struggling to develop skills.

What will it include?

I’ll talk about  the importance of language, vocabulary, phonemic awareness and more. I’ll demonstrate how the dyslexic brain processes information and why it’s important to follow techniques and strategies in programmes. I’ll cover briefly how co-existing learning differences can impact on dyslexia, the underlying difficulties which are found in a profile of dyslexia and finally lots of ideas for activities and games.  These strategies and techniques will work for all ages, not just primary school students. They have been tried and tested and seen successful results for high school and post 16 learners. It even works with age 60+ learners.

All you have to do to receive this is offer is register and attend the Dyslexia Show 2024. Simple, no catch.

I can’t wait to tell you more about my offer in the coming weeks and tell you some more details about the course content.

Thanks for reading.

Georgina @ CodeBreakers