Legal Statement

Sadly, it came to our attention last year, that after nearly 10 years of trading with the registered trademark name, CodeBreakers®, Twinkl started to use our name for their phonics resources and reading books, without licence to so, in July 2023.

At the time, CodeBreakers® immediately contacted Twinkl to advise them of the breach in the law and sadly CodeBreakers® legal rights were ignored. We were extremely disappointed by their response.

We’ve now been able to secure the services of a London attorney specialising in trademark legislation, who has taken on our case. In February 2024, Twinkl acknowledged that they have infringed our legal rights but despite regular communication they are delaying resolving the matter.  Therefore, after nearly a year of communicating with Twinkl over this matter, we feel it’s only just that we now have to inform the public and those wishing to choose CodeBreakers® products of the situation, to avoid any further confusion around the CodeBreakers® name and the product you might expect to receive.

We’ve spent over 10 years creating and developing high quality workbooks and games for use in schools and at home. The product has been written by a dyslexia specialist and we wouldn’t wish for you to be offered a resource with the same name and be confused or disappointed that it was not what you were expecting.

We do not licence any other company to sell CodeBreakers® resources. We now have affiliates but you will ALWAYS reach our website  to purchase our products.

We have recently started to sell workbooks through Amazon and the order will be fulfilled through Amazon, ONLY, using our materials.

Please always look for the logo to ensure that you are buying CodeBreakers® resources.


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