I just made brownies!

It was fantastic this week to log into a lesson with one of my adult learners to be told, "I just made brownies!" My student was so thrilled to have read and followed a recipe for the first time and it's fabulous to see progress like this, where individuals suddenly...

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GCSE Success!

It's been a testing 18 months for all of our students trying to study during Covid, there have been long periods where students have had to access learning online. Despite this, it's wonderful to hear of GCSE successes. It's always so wonderful to learn of my own...

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We demonstrated CodeBreakers to a school this week and were really pleased with their feedback. ... See MoreSee Less
View on Facebook's a quiet scandal that up to 4/5 dyslexic children leave school with their dyslexia unidentifiedOnly with early screening, teaching & assessment can we help dyslexic children make the most of their brilliant brainsMy discussion with British Dyslexia Association 👇 ... See MoreSee Less
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We are thrilled to now be able to offer some of our students functional English exams.Yesterday, our first student passed their English exam. We couldn't be more pleased.Often, our students with complex learning differences, need to access exams differently. They need to be able to build up their experiences and confidence and reduce their anxiety related to this very new and daunting experience. ... See MoreSee Less
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It will be interesting to see the results of this.Tomorrow, I'll be proposing a Bill in Parliament to require screening for dyslexia in primary schoolsOnly with improved screening in primary schools, alongside better teaching & assessment can we truly unleash the potential of people with dyslexiaHuge thank you to the CSJ Think Tank for working with me on this & to the cross-party co-sponsors of my bill: @paulbristow79, @brendanclarkesmith, Rupa Huq, @tom4ipswich, @halfon4harlow, Rosie Cooper, Henry Smith, Jim Shannon, @christian_wakeford_mp, @iain_duncan_smith_mp, & @hollymumbycroft ... See MoreSee Less
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