“I can get by reading but my spelling is poor, it’s always really held me back.”

“I didn’t have a good experience at school, I’m nervous about learning again, I don’t really want to go to college to learn to read and spell.”

“My child is starting school; I know I can’t help them with reading and spelling so I need to catch up on my own skills.”

“I was never diagnosed with Dyslexia at school but I’m pretty sure I am.”

I’m Georgina, the author of CodeBreakers®. I understand the frustration it causes trying to get individual and personal help, as an adult. CodeBreakers® was written with an aim to help individuals receive Dyslexia specific intervention, at home. I understand that adults with dyslexia symptoms need had not always been diagnosed.  I knew when I wrote CodeBreakers®, all too often adults only had access to children’s resources and it wasn’t appropriate.  Adults with dyslexia or dyslexic traits needed appropriate dyslexia activities to support reading and spelling. I’ve used the workbooks with mum’s wishing to work on their own reading and spelling, as their child is starting school.  It’s helped adults with dyslexia gain confidence to finally fulfil their work goals or apply to university.   

I understand the negative experiences some adults have had and this still impacts upon their confidence, despite being very able in many other ways.  I know from my own family’s experience, how this has an impact and I am passionate about ensuring everyone can maximise their potential, by creating independent and confident adult learners.

CodeBreakers® has been written by me, a qualified dyslexia specialist, with years of teaching experience. I consider I have developed one of the best programs for dyslexia, based on best practice gathered over the years. 

CodeBreakers® provides lots of activities to help with dyslexia; a printable workbook,  games provided to also make learning a little more fun and relaxed!  The bite sized activities allow you to break learning into small chunks each day, working at your own pace. Many programs rarely give opportunity for over learning and it’s this which makes learning ‘stick’, along with multi-sensory techniques. 

The step-by-step program takes away all the stress of looking for resources. All you need to do is print your workbook and learn at a time suitable for you. Pause when you want to take a break and join in again at any time. 

A pathway helps you to understand which direction you will take and which workbooks will be followed.  

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“After leaving school with a negative view of education, I later went to work in the Youth Service. I’ve worked for many years as a volunteer with St John’s Ambulance and as an instructor. I have also worked as an ambulance technician for many years. I’ve just been accepted to university for the first time to train as a paramedic. My confidence in reading and spelling improved due to CodeBreakers.”

“Our working mum in Derbyshire had been attending adult education but wanted a more personal approach to learning. Her aim was to be able to support her child with reading and spelling, once they became of school age. As a result of using CodeBreakers she’s now writing more complex sentences and reading with good flow. She’s now passing on good skills to her child.”


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CodeBreakers® Success Stories

Learners start tuition with CodeBreakers at all ages, some are primary or secondary school age, others are mature students.
We caught up with some of our learners to see how they were getting on.