“My child has to work so hard to recall words for weekly spelling tests, it’s stressful for us all, they rarely get all the words right and they usually forget them when writing.  Their confidence has taken a hit.”

“My child struggles to read words and break them down, they aren’t reading at their age level and seem to read a word one day and forget what is says the next day.”

“My child hasn’t had a Dyslexia diagnosis but they’ve got lots of traits.”

“Some of the intervention programmes just aren’t suitable for my child, they are in secondary school and still need help.”


I’m Georgina, the author of CodeBreakers®. I understand the difficulties involved in helping your own children to read and spell at home. I know the frustration it causes and the battles you have, to sit and complete reading and spelling practice. CodeBreakers® was written with an aim to help parents provide a fun and Dyslexia specific intervention at home. You don’t need a Dyslexia diagnosis to use CodeBreakers®.

CodeBreakers® is a SSP program which uses multi-sensory techniques.

In 2021, the UK government announced the Early Reading Framework which advocates the use of a systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) approach.

I don’t want children to have to be reliant on what a word looks like anymore. I want to create independent and confident learners.

CodeBreakers® has been written by me, a qualified dyslexia specialist, with years of teaching experience. I believe I’ve written one of the best programs for dyslexia, based on best practice gathered over the years.

CodeBreakers® provides lots of activities to support those with dyslexia and traits of dyslexia, in the form of  a printable workbook. The games provided, also make learning fun!  The bite-sized activities allow you to break learning into small chunks each day, working at your own pace. Many dyslexia programs rarely give the opportunity for over learning and it’s this which makes learning ‘stick’, along with multi-sensory techniques.

The step-by-step program takes away all the stress of looking for resources, to help your child at home. All you need to do is print your workbook, then you and your child can study at a time suitable for you. Pause when you want to take a break and join in again at any time. CodeBreakers® is suitable for all ages, including secondary school children.

By completing the baseline tests you can identify a pathway to helps you to understand which direction your child will need to take and which workbooks will be followed.


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One of the main things I hear from parents is, “His/her confidence is blooming so quickly”. However, here are just some of the parents’ comments about CodeBreakers®

“Georgina is not only a warm and friendly Tutor but she’s also extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping children and adults with Dyslexia. Her approach is methodical, engaging, and (most importantly for our 7-year old son) FUN! In a relatively short period of time, our son has come on incredibly well, and we have no doubt that this is due to Georgina and her dedication – Thank you!”

“Georgina always makes learning engaging and full of games. Tasks are pitched at a challenging level. Language has been explained and broken down, so that my daughter understands, possibly for the first time. My daughter is now enjoying regular lessons. I can already see improvements, yet it is still very early days. Georgina is very thorough and professional in her approach and for the first time I feel supported and positive about my daughter’s educational journey.”


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CodeBreakers® Success Stories

Learners start tuition with CodeBreakers at all ages, some are primary or secondary school age, others are mature students.
We caught up with some of our learners to see how they were getting on.