“Some of our children haven’t passed the phonics checklist and need intervention.”

“Children in our school haven’t had a Dyslexia diagnosis but need intervention.”

“Planning takes up a great deal of time and we don’t have enough staff to deliver intervention.”

“We have some intervention programmes but our secondary school students find them immature.”

I’m Georgina, the author of CodeBreakers®. I understand some children don’t respond to reading and spelling interventions. Many schools experience collating resources from different intervention programmes and this takes time. From our pilot study in schools, we know that planning and staffing of interventions can be challenging. Measuring progress is also a requirement for any intervention.

CodeBreakers® is a SSP programme which uses multi-sensory techniques.

 In 2021, the UK government announced the Early Reading Framework which advocates the use of a systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) approach.

CodeBreakers® was written with an aim of providing a fun and Dyslexia specific intervention within school, which can be delivered by TAs, who are often at the forefront, supporting students of all ages, with learning difficulties. Baseline tests, which can also measure progress, alongside populating IEPs, aim to make efficient use of staff time. Prepared lesson plans further ensure teaching time is maximised. The clearly mapped pathway for student progression, ensures those overseeing intervention, understand how a student will progress through the programme.

Students don’t need a Dyslexia diagnosis to use CodeBreakers®. In fact, we recommend it is used as an early intervention programme.

CodeBreakers® has been written by me, a qualified dyslexia tutor, with years of teaching experience. The programme is based on best practice gathered over the years.

CodeBreakers® is designed to enable TA/LSA to deliver this intervention in your setting. Training is available if required.  The bite-sized activities allow sessions to be broken into small chunks of learning each day, working at the student’s own pace. The games provided, also make learning fun! Many programmes rarely give opportunity for over learning and it’s this which makes learning ‘stick’, along with multi-sensory techniques.

The step-by-step programme removes all the stress of looking for resources. All you need to do is print your workbook and deliver your sessions at a time suitable to the student’s timetable. Pause when you want to take a break and start again at any time.

A licence to purchase workbooks only is available.

Baseline tests are available to establish a learner’s start point and informally measure progress (not standardised).

To learn more visit FAQ

The main feedback from schools is regarding the development of student confidence and their willingness to engage. 

I just wanted to say a great big thank you on behalf of all the children that you have helped support at our school!

These results are fantastic and I know that CodeBreakers has made a very real difference for our children and for our staff!

Thanks so much for all you have done to support us so far!


CodeBreakers really has made a huge impact here at our school and in such a short space of time! A real success story!

I am so pleased with the team, who really have embraced CodeBreakers and moved their teaching and learning accordingly! Thank you again for all your training and support with this!

We are very impressed with CodeBreakers and we are grateful to you for considering us as part of your pilot work!

We will all look forward to seeing the end of year results. CodeBreakers is a really valuable project with some exciting information produced.

And….most importantly…some successful children who are far more confident and happy in their approach to learning! Thank you once again!


This is a great resource.  I can see how support staff can easily use it.  It can be used in whole-class approach, small groups and sent home to parents for additional practice.  The multi-sensory approach gives phonics an extra dimension and the games can be great fun to use at home.



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CodeBreakers® Success Stories

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Since leaving school I got a place at the local football team academy. It was a two year course and I now play and train in semi professional football and completed a Level 3 Diploma in Sports and Coaching. I worked part time saved and bought my first car and passed my driving test. After finishing my diploma I decided I wanted a full time job. I was successful at interview working for a large leisure company and now work full time in housekeeping and maintenance”


Student, Staffordshire, Age 18

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“After leaving school with a negative view of education I later went on to work in the Youth Service.  I’ve worked for many years as volunteer with St John’s Ambulance and as an instructor.  I have also worked as an ambulance technician for many years. I’ve just been accepted to university for the first time to train as a paramedic”.


Mature student, Staffordshire, Age 47

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Our working mum in Derbyshire had been attending adult education but wanted a more personal approach to learning.  Her aim was to be able to support her child with reading and spelling, once they became of school age. She’s now writing more complex sentences and reading with good flow and is passing on good skills for reading and spelling development.


Working Mum, Derbyshire, Age 37

[/et_pb_slick_slide][et_pb_slick_slide slide_image=”https://www.dyslexia-codebreakers.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/art-student.jpg” add_image_link=”off” layout_type=”image25_content75″ _builder_version=”3.21.4″ global_colors_info=”{}”]

“I’ve successfully completed GCSEs which has now led to a Foundation Diploma in Art after completing the first year of a BTEC with a double star distinction and year 2 with a B.  I’m now looking to complete further study in surface pattern design and completed work experience in 2 of the top pottery manufacturing companies in Stoke.


Student, Staffordshire, Age 18

[/et_pb_slick_slide][et_pb_slick_slide slide_image=”https://www.dyslexia-codebreakers.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/sports-instructor.jpg” add_image_link=”off” layout_type=”image25_content75″ _builder_version=”3.21.4″ global_colors_info=”{}”]

“My GCSEs results were much higher than anticipated which resulted in attending Level 3 Sport Course at College, I’m now in year 2 and considering apprenticeship options”.


Student Staffordshire Age 17

[/et_pb_slick_slide][et_pb_slick_slide slide_image=”https://www.dyslexia-codebreakers.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/law-student.jpg” add_image_link=”off” layout_type=”image25_content75″ _builder_version=”3.21.4″ global_colors_info=”{}”]

“At the moment I am looking at post-16 options and considering a BTEC in Law and an additional accountancy course”.


Student, Staffordshire, Age 15

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“Since leaving school I’ve been working in part time jobs while continuing to study. Now I’m in an excellent full-time job formally training as an Engineer in the career I always wanted”.


Student, Staffordshire, Age 19