CodeBreakers® Online Tuition (Worldwide)


Are you a school looking to employ a specialist dyslexia teacher and can’t find anyone suitably qualified and local?

CodeBreakers is now offering 1:1 individualised private tuition to anyone, anywhere in the world!


What is CodeBreakers?

It is a Dyslexia specific, systematic synthetic phonics programme, which is cumulative and structured. It uses multi-sensory strategies to help learn and retain information.

It is a Dyslexia specific programme. Learners no longer have to rely on what words look like to read and spell them. Learners are taught individual sounds and how to make a written response for them. They are also taught to recognise a group of letters and know what sound they say. Learners are taught to encode and decode words. They can then apply this knowledge to words which contain this sound. We only introduce words with sounds a learner has discovered and continuously add to their knowledge. We structure and deliver the work to help them remember and store the information they are learning. There are lots of opportunities to over learn and it’s delivered in a multi-sensory way to make learning ‘stick’. We also make it fun! Worksheets are bite-sized to ensure learning takes place in small manageable chunks. Best of all it’s at the learner’s pace.

During Covid19, online tuition is an easy way to provide individualised support to students with specific learning difficulties.

Did you know, not all intervention programmes have been tested in a school setting? CodeBreakers® is unique, it has just undergone a year-long pilot study in schools, to demonstrate its effectiveness (September 2018-July2019). We also have more pilot study programmes planned in schools. We were over the moon with the results. Please look out for our report in professional education journals.

Who is the author of CodeBreakers?

Georgina Smith is the author and has 15 years experience, teaching students of all ages, from 6-65 yrs. She has a level 7 qualification to teach.  Upon graduation she gained AMBDA status from the British Dyslexia Assoc., She is a member of PATOSS. Georgina is DBS checked and fully insured. Georgina has maintained CPD (continuous training), specifically in overlapping learning difficulties and has a holistic approach to teaching.  She has a passion for supporting learners to maximise their potential.  She works with students of all ages and has a good understanding of overlapping learning difficulties. 

Who can access?

You do not need to have a dyslexia diagnosis to receive tuition. If you’re simply looking to boost your students’ skills or your students do not have a Dyslexia diagnosis, you can still refer. In fact, we advocate CodeBreakers® as an early intervention programme. Simply refer by using the ‘Contact Us’ form. I can work with students of all ages from 6 to post 16. As long as you’re happy using the online tuition software, we can work together.  

What you’ll receive

A 55 minute 1:1, live, individualised Dyslexia tuition session, *from the author of CodeBreakers®, using the CodeBreakers® system. The session includes interactive whiteboard where students will complete lessons on the computer, helping them develop typing and intuitive computer skills.  You can then save the lesson as a PDF if you wish.  However, the student’s unique login is always available to review learning.  *Due to high demand, we are now training suitably qualified and experienced teachers and tutors. You may be offered a tutor other than the author of CodeBreakers® where there is no availability.  This will be a contract you make with each tutor once you have been matched. They may have additional skills that will also fit the needs of your students.  Once matched with a tutor, this will your permanent tutor and we do not ask other tutors to cover sessions. Each tutor will learn about the needs of your students to enable them to personally tailor support.

Is it easy to use?

Most children are more tech-savvy than adults these days. The intuitive software means students of all ages can quickly use the learning platform’s simple toolbar. The software used does not need any complicate downloads or installation to your computer. Simply log in at your agreed time to receive your lesson. We advise a technical check takes places before confirming sessions. Sometimes firewalls can temporarily stop access to webcams and microphones. However, this is usually easily overcome.

What will I need?

All you need is an up-to-date computer with a mic and webcam and occasional access to a printer if you wish to print the completed lesson. Of course, a reliable internet connection is a must. Any student working 1:1 will require a room where they can chat online without disturbing others.

How do I know this will be right for my students?

We can offer a short demonstration webinar to show how CodeBreakers® works.

I’d like tuition for small groups in my school, how will that work?

CodeBreakers® can also offer group teaching sessions via webinar.

Please contact for more information.

The Process