Introducing My Dyslexia Tutor from CodeBreakers®

What is My Dyslexia Tutor

Learn on-demand, in a place that suits you, at your own pace. (coming soon)

If you choose My Dyslexia Tutor, you’ll receive a workbook to download and print. You’ll also have an accompanying tutorial video which will guide you through each page in the workbook.  You can pause, watch and learn and join in to complete your own workbook, whenever you feel comfortable. It’s just like having your own tutor at home, work or school.  You’ll receive a set of flashcards for each workbook and a fun animated explainer video too. This will help explain any rules and tips. 

My Dyslexia Tutor is available to parents, adults, workplace, schools, colleges and training providers.

Each learner creates their own login and is then able to, step-by-step, follow the CodeBreakers® programme at their own pace.


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My Dyslexia Tutor; try it now! Experience one workbook from series 2.

Series 1 – 6 coming soon!

Coming soon – My Dyslexia Tutor subscription. Individual student log-in available. Contact us for pricing.