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Try a CodeBreakers workbook & flashcards – packed with around 20 pages of worksheets and games to develop reading and spelling skills.

  • Series 2 Book 1

Please note, CodeBreakers is a cumulative programme which means an individual using the programme will have knowledge of sounds used in previous workbooks. Your learner may need to start at an earlier or later part of the programme. 

Learners will progress through the programme, adding to their existing knowledge with new sounds and patterns, learning spelling rules, developing vocabulary, reading and spelling at single word and sentence level. At the same time learners will develop their phonological and phonemic skills, learning to blend and segment words.

Teach individuals to encode and decode words rather than remembering what words look like and guessing.

We strongly recommend you also buy our Instructor’s Manual to ensure all workbooks are delivered correctly and gain the maximum results.  Learn how and why you should deliver each worksheet and game.  Packed with troubleshooting information and lots of additional game ideas.


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