Series 1 – Digital Baseline Test



Series 1 of CodeBreakers Baseline tests.
The online version will tell you the learner’s correct and incorrect answers at the end of the the test. There is an option to view this. You can then mark this against the paper based document.

Unfortunately, both tests online are ‘off the shelf’ products at the moment and they don’t offer everything we would like to. Therefore, at the moment the spelling test will stop after a number of incorrect answers and won’t allow access to the remaining words to test knowledge on all words in the test. You can of course use the paper based test to continue if you wish to check.

The paper based sheets will also tell you the target sound for that word and which series/workbook this matches up to in the CodeBreakers programme.

AFTER you’ve tried the tests, we’d welcome your feedback

You can make these full screen by clicking on the 4 arrows in the bottom right corner. When you’ve finished, click escape.