Training Package


There are many intervention programmes available, however their strength and impact is also based on the quality of their delivery. Train TAs and Teachers how to successfully deliver a multi-sensory, systematic synthetic phonics programme, adding to their skills.
Learn how to use CodeBreakers intervention effectively and maximise multi-sensory activities and learning opportunities. Understand how to observe and record student development. Learn how to use CodeBreakers tests to establish a start point and measure progress.
  • Part 1 Administration and how to use CodeBreakers system
  • Part 2 Phonics Interventions
  • Part 3 Starting your lesson, the alphabet, reading & spelling cards and revision
  • Part 4 Lesson Plans – How to effectively record students progress and make meaningful comments. How to observe your student’s development
  • Part 5 CodeBreakers Baseline/Progress Tests- How to administer
  • Part 6 CodeBreakers demonstration

Β£100.00 per person