What if it’s not… Dyslexia ?

This first book in the “What If It’s Not…” series is almost ready to launch!  What If it’s Not Dyslexia? is a practical resource written for parents, carers, and educational professionals to help them to navigate the often-complex world of specific learning difficulties and to explore dyslexia and those other conditions that can often be present alongside. This book has come about from the clinical experience of the authors who all too often see families or teaching staff confused or disheartened when seeking advice and support for the young people in their lives.

This book is written by a well-regarded, award winning multi-disciplinary team of individuals and aims to offer readers insight into the key issues that can affect function and participation and dispel myths about what may be a contributing factor to an individual’s daily challenges. This initial book will focus on literacy difficulties which often initially present as dyslexia and it will explore contributing neurodiverse factors which may be part of an individual’s profile, indicating that dyslexia is present or considering other/additional learning differences as the cause.

Let me tell you more about the authors; Libby Hill, Consultant Speech and Language Therapist, who is expert is all things speech and language.  Libby has a special interest and expertise in ASD, PDA and selective mutism, she sits on many boards and has been editor for international professional publications, as well as a speaker at many events nationally and internationally.  Georgina Smith, a Specialist Dyslexia Tutor, and creator of “CodeBreakers” a systematic synthetic phonics programme, for all ages, who has also appeared on the 2020 Channel 4 TV show “The Write Offs”, advocating for dyslexia support into adulthood. Laura Graham, Occupational Therapist and Sensory Integration Practitioner was awarded the Queens Nursing Institute Award for her involvement in a community based sensory and behaviour clinic.  This team of professionals all practice clinically and bring a wealth of experience, along with tried and tested advice and strategies to help parents and teachers alike gain the correct support for the young people in their care.

A message from Georgina

“Over the many years of working in the field of dyslexia, I have built some amazing working relationships with colleagues, who have generously given their advice and guidance. On many occasions, they have helped me to understand the tricky profiles of individuals I have worked with. In turn, I have been able to inform families and make onward referrals.

As we know, dyslexia rarely exists on it’s own and it’s extremely common for there to be co-existing learning differences.

Primarily, families will reach out to me for advice because their child or young person is presenting mainly with difficulties in reading and spelling. In the first instance, families and education professionals may suggest this is dyslexia.

However, there are many learning differences which can contribute to difficulties in reading and spelling, writing and reading accuracy and in turn comprehension. Therefore, the diagnosis is not always dyslexia”.

The books is written by 3 specialist in their field who have many years experience supporting families;

Laura Graham– Occupational Therapist – Visit Laura   here 

Libby Hill – Speech and Language Therapist – Visit Libby here 

Georgina Smith– Dyslexia Specialist Teacher- Visit Georgina here 

In this book, we’ll explore what dyslexia is and isn’t.  The overlapping learning differences which can contribute to reading and writing difficulties. We’ll take each learning difference, analyse it and look at how it can impact on the classroom and specifically literacy skills.  This will enable families and education professionals to gain a better understanding of the root cause of presenting symptoms.

We’ll tell you how you can get assessed, top tips for the classroom and much more.

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