Welcome to the CodeBreakers training course.

There are many intervention programmes available, however their strength and impact is also based on the quality of their delivery. During this training, you will learn how to successfully deliver a multi-sensory, systematic synthetic phonics programme, adding to your skills.

You will need approximately 5-6 hrs to complete the training, which can be accessed on demand, at any time to suit your needs. There are 5 parts to the training. Please take the short quiz after each section.  Upon successful completion a certificate will be issued.

Learn how to use CodeBreakers intervention effectively and maximise multi-sensory activities and learning opportunities. Understand how to observe and record student development. Learn how to use CodeBreakers tests to establish a start point and measure progress.
Part 1 Administration and how to use CodeBreakers system
Part 2 Phonics Interventions
Part 3 Starting your lesson, the alphabet, reading & spelling cards and revision
Part 4 Lesson Plans – How to effectively record students progress and make meaningful comments. How to observe your student’s development
Part 5 CodeBreakers Baseline/Progress Tests- How to administer
Part 6 CodeBreakers demonstration

You can pause the videos at any time and refer to your workbooks, lesson plans and resources. In fact, we encourage you to do so an practise and participate as you complete the training.

We encourage you to practise on friends and colleagues, to make sure you are confident and comfortable delivering CodeBreakers before ‘going live’ with your students. Where you can, observe each other teaching and share ideas.

Don’t worry if you find such as the reading and spelling card routines tricky, this is an aspect that many people find difficult at first.  Please do check the videos which have been downloaded as part of your package, watch them a few times and ensure you are following the routines correctly.

Please listen to our sound cards, remember teaching others to read and spell is like teaching your children to drive, we are in danger of passing on poor habits.

Finally, CodeBreakers is not prescriptive or scripted.  We do however ask that you deliver each worksheets within the workbooks and fully include all the multi-sensory activities.  Don’t be tempted to skip items or multi-sensory activities. It’s too easy to assume that learning has taken place.  You are likely to be working with the most vulnerable and struggling students.  They need to work at their pace and require ample learning opportunities.  By missing worksheets and activities, it means your are diluting the programme, making it less effective. You can add more, don’t take anything away!

Don’t be tempted to work and measure progress against other students, each of your students will have their own learning differences and progress levels. Remember to give your student time to think, process and respond.

Encourage staff to use the words in weekly spelling tests and find as many opportunities to transfer knowledge into the school day as you possibly can.

Remember, have fun and make your lessons fun and relaxed.