CodeBreakers really has made a huge impact here at our school and in such a short space of time! A real success story!

I am so pleased with the team, who really have embraced CodeBreakers and moved their teaching and learning on accordingly! Thank you again for all your training and support with this!

We are very impressed with CodeBreakers and we are grateful to you for considering us as part of your pilot work!

We will all look forward to seeing the end of year results. CodeBreakers is a a really valuable project with some exciting information produced.

And….most importantly…some successful children who are far more confident and happy in their approach to learning! Thank you once again!


This is a great resource.  I can see how support staff can easily use it.  It can be used in whole class approach, small groups and sent home to parents for additional practice.  The multi-sensory approach gives phonics an extra dimension and the games can be great fun to use at home.


Primary School, Yorkshire

Georgina was very approachable, swift to respond, willing to tailor a package to suit my needs and parental needs, sent me exemplar assessment and reports …. and came in at under half the price of the Local Authority’s ‘cheap’ deal and other well known companies like Dyslexia Action.

She communicated with me and then the parents, finding mutually convenient times to assess. She was very clear on what she could offer. Parents were very pleased. The reports we received were thorough, could be used for exam concession applications and also for a teaching tool in school.

I have already recommended Dyslexia Codebreakers to others!

Secondary School, Burton-on-Trent

Around 75% of our secondary school age students have undiagnosed learning difficulties.  CodeBreakers is a really valuable programme which we could use on a daily basis with our students

EBD School, Stoke-on-Trent