I am a specialist intervention teachers and have been using CodeBreakers for over 4 years with middle and high school students.

It’s very easy to order from the website and the customer service is excellent and very responsive.

The baseline tests are simple to use and quickly guide me to the the workbooks I need to use with each student.

The workbooks are easy to download and print.

The structure of the workbooks are the same and I find that my learners like this. They are easy to read and follow. Visual diagrams and ways to remember the spelling rules are appreciated and used by my learners. I find them easy to use with my explanations.

I use CodeBreakers as my main structure for lessons and then add other things to it, for example, memory games, reading games etc. I find that the children like the structure of CodeBreakers and know exactly what they have to do for each activity in the workbook which gives more learning time as no need for explanations.

The students are very engaged and find the workbooks very enjoyable

One learner in particular – year 5, has been using this for 2 years. Progress is evident. in particular, their confidence and willingness to engage has increased. I also use this with pupils with SEMH diffiuclties, they have made good progress using CodeBreakers.

I leave some follow up work in one school for a TA to finish with my pupil. They have commented how good CodeBreakers is and how responsive the pupil is.

I chose CodeBreakers as I liked the workbook and the structure of the scheme. I found Georgina was very easy to contact and answered my questions well. It also made a difference to me that she is a dyslexia specialist and clearly is knowledgeable and uses CodeBreakers in her own delivery. I have confidence in what I am using and know it is based on well founded knowledge and expertise.

Middle & Secondary School, Lancashire

I am a SENCO and have been using CodeBreakers for over 4 years. Our TAs have been trained to deliver this to our students in small groups and 1:1.

The baseline tests are easy to use. We use them to measure progress after each half term and they are a good indicator of movement through the scheme.

The workbooks have a range of engaging activities that build on the children’s understanding. They love the multi-sensory elements to their learning and these additions do have lasting positive results on their learning and retention. The confidence levels of the children using CodeBreakers is fantastic and the once shy, reserved children can be observed raising their hands and answering spelling related questions.

TAs feel empowered and knowledgeable to deliver the program. The children love it and look forward to their sessions. Feedback from parents has been positive also.

I chose CodeBreakers after a discussion with Georgina and exploration of program, plus the results speak for themselves.

Primary School, Staffordshire

CodeBreakers really has made a huge impact here at our school and in such a short space of time! A real success story!

I am so pleased with the team, who really have embraced CodeBreakers and moved their teaching and learning on accordingly! Thank you again for all your training and support with this!

We are very impressed with CodeBreakers and we are grateful to you for considering us as part of your pilot work!

We will all look forward to seeing the end of year results. CodeBreakers is a a really valuable project with some exciting information produced.

And….most importantly…some successful children who are far more confident and happy in their approach to learning! Thank you once again!


What do SENCOs say about CodeBreakers?



This is a great resource.  I can see how support staff can easily use it.  It can be used in whole class approach, small groups and sent home to parents for additional practice.  The multi-sensory approach gives phonics an extra dimension and the games can be great fun to use at home.


Primary School, Yorkshire

Around 75% of our secondary school age students have undiagnosed learning difficulties.  CodeBreakers is a really valuable programme which we could use on a daily basis with our students

EBD School, Stoke-on-Trent