Having had my eye on the Codebreakers for some time, I decided to invest when lockdown meant I had to deliver tuition online. The resources have proved invaluable since then, enabling me to deliver effective dyslexia intervention remotely. The resources really cut down on lesson preparation and it is reassuring to know that I have a comprehensive system at my fingertips. Georgina was really helpful throughout the process and has remained in touch, offering useful tips and advice.

PrIvate Tutor, June 2020

Hi, just to let you know that my student is coming to the end of the first series of CodeBreakers and Mum is so impressed with how it’s going, she should be getting in touch with you soon for series 2.

PrIvate Tutor, March 2019

I’ve just done week 6 of tutoring using CodeBreakers and his mum is really pleased with how it is able to pick up on his weaknesses and revise them. she says his sentence writing has really improved (he has low working memory but she can see that he is storing a lot more words). I did revision spellings tonight and he got every one right?

Private Tutor, January 2019

My student is a very bright little boy and he’s focusing for a full hour (he likes the idea of breaking codes!).

PrIvate Tutor, December 2018

It has just arrived! Many thanks – just having a good look at it. First impressions… it’s fantastic!

Private Tutor, November 2017

Feedback from the learners I use it with is very positive – they love the variety of activities, particularly the dice games! I find it very easy to use and it is versatile too as a specialist using it. Really pleased it is going well!

PrIvate Tutor, March 2018

They love the activities and structure CodeBreakers gives, I then supplement CodeBreakers with other things – functional skills, English and phonic comprehension. It is the CodeBreakers they prefer and they are making progress!

Private Tutor, March 2018

My students are definitely more willing to have a go, especially in other lessons. Also, willingness to access specialist tuition and wanting to learn!

PrIvate Tutor, September 2018

The CodeBreakers ‘How to’ videos are very clear and easy to follow – just the right length. A snapshot of each element that they can go back and refer to. I like! Well done – that will be loved!

Private Tutor, January 2019

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