Georgina has been a godsend and a guiding light for our child. We were severely let down by our local education providers. Georgina is helping to build our child’s confidence in her own abilities and education in general after the terrible way that she was treated and made to feel less than useless. I cannot recommend Georgina highly enough.  She’s actually looking forward to school these days because she knows that something is being done. 

Parent, Staffordshire

Georgina always makes learning engaging and full of games. Tasks are tailored to her needs and pitched at a challenging level. Language has been explained and broken down so that she understands, possibly for the first time. My daughter is now enjoying regular lessons. I can already see improvements, yet it is still very early days. Georgina is very thorough and professional in her approach and for the first time, I feel supported and positive about my daughter’s educational journey.

Parent, Staffordshire

Georgina is not only a warm and friendly Tutor but she’s also extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping children and adults with Dyslexia. Her approach is methodical, engaging, and (most importantly for our 7-year old son) FUN! In a relatively short period of time, our son has come on incredibly well and we have no doubt that this is due to Georgina and her dedication – Thank you!

Parent, United Arab Emirates

My son has very much enjoyed lessons and has got a lot of value from them. His attainment in English is unrecognisable from summer 2022 before he started with you. We’re really grateful for all you have done for him. 
I feel you have been very patient with him and his propensity to shout when excited. Thank you so much for all your help. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone with a dyslexic child.

Parent, Cambridge